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Dealing with the IRS

Nobody really likes having to deal with the IRS especially as most people do not even like to pay taxes in the first place, let alone have to argue as to how much they have to pay. The United States Treasury Department is however aware of this and so in order to offer assistance to those people that would rather not deal with the IRS personally, they have empowered Enrollment Agents to deal with the IRS on an individual’s or a business’s behalf.

An Enrollment Agent (EA) must of course first qualify to become an agent and once they have qualified by meeting certain educational needs and appropriate experience in the world of taxes, they must then pass an Enrollment Agent exam. Even after all of this, in order to maintain their status as an official Enrollment Agent, they must still undergo a certain number of hours’ further training, each and every year.

Those people, often accountants, that would like to become Enrollment Agents and already qualify experience wise, should apply for the exam but before setting the exam they should ensure that they study the best enrolled agent course for their particular study method.

It is not just the Enrollment Agent exam which people should take care in choosing the correct study course but any exam, especially perhaps in exams associated with accounting. Often there are several different study courses available for each exam but these different courses present the study materials in different ways, some in lessons which take hours whilst others offer the same information but in short, bite size chunks. For the best chance to take in the vast amount of information which these courses present, it is best if the information or lessons, are presented in a way that best suits your own study methods.

The cost of these study courses is also often very high and so care should be taken not to spend money on a course which you will not be able to learn from. For this reason, many people, before buying a particular course, will take the opportunity to use a free trial which is offered and in doing so, learn if the course will be as useful to them as they hope. These courses make a difference as the pass mark for some of these exams is only 20% whilst others are 50% and often the passes would be higher if students had chosen the correct course for their particular way of studying. Of course, the different courses have different price tags but it isn’t always the most expensive that sires the best results as they may present the same information, only ion a more expensive way than cheaper courses. Regardless of how much you pay for a course, you will still need to be prepared to study long and hard if you want any chance of passing but, those people that have passed, all agree the work and expense was worth it, even if they had to sit the exam twice in order to pass.